January News

Farley’s SF is Turning 30!

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2019 Farley’s SF is celebrating our 30th year. We’ll be having a big party with music, food, art and memorabilia through the years. Plus, there will be prizes and gifts for everyone who joins us that day. We’re also looking for submissions from anyone who has art of or about Farley’s and would like to share it with us for the wall display. If you have anything to share please email info@farleyscoffee.com. Additionally, we’d love to hear your stories of Farley’s. Did you meet and fall in love at Farley’s, have a child raised and grown up visiting? Share a favorite moment in your life and our history.

If that’s not enough, Farley’s East will also be celebrating it’s 10th year this summer! In addition, we’re excited to announce Farley’s will be opening a new location in the Oakland Airport later this year.

As we reflect on the year past and look at the year ahead, we are excited about how we’ve grown the past year to the point where are now able to offer our team health insurance. This should not be noteworthy, as we believe everyone should have insurance and not worry about getting proper medical care, but unfortunately that is a real problem for many people and very difficult for small businesses to provide. In addition to providing insurance, we are also able to provide a higher wage. 2019 will see a lot of changes and new competition in our areas but we feel that our product offering can stand up to the challenges. We hope you will continue to support Farley’s and all the other local, independent businesses in Oakland and San Francisco in 2019! Health and happiness to you and your family!

Cafe News

Welcome to 2019!
“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.” –T.S. ElliotHopefully part of your resolution consists of drinking more coffee; we’d be more than happy to help you keep up with that. Here at Farley’s, we have been enjoying the chilly weather with all the delicious things to keep us warm. Did you have a chance to try one of our delicious egg nog lattes and spiced apple ciders over the holiday? They’re on their way out the door. Our soups are still flowing like crazy and we can’t seem to get enough, thankfully we have it year round. We look forward to sharing new experiences with our customers this new year!

Farley’s East Featured Roaster: Valiant Coffee

We started Valiant in the cold rainy months of fall 2014. Like you, our coffee buying experience led us to local shops or specialty grocery stores that often carried well known brands. We’d deliberate bag, brand, origin, hemming and hawing until we’d settle on one and take that sweet little bundle home.

But as time went by, and bags were emptied, we found the reward was less than splendid. We started to notice a pattern, more often than not the coffee wasn’t FRESH. The industry standard for dating coffee was an obscure SELL BY date rather than ROASTED ON date. There was no way to know when the coffee was actually produced, and so every purchase was a risk and this risk was becoming more and more unacceptable.

The problem was a vital lack of integrity in how many companies represented the quality and freshness of their product. The packing might say, “Fresh Roasted” or “Roasted Daily” but that in no way ensured the coffee was actually, truly, honestly “Fresh Roasted Coffee”.

Our solution was simple:

  • We’d do it ourselves and put a “Roasted On” date on each of our bags.
  • We’d make sure we got them into the hands of our customers (or to the mail) within 48 hours of roasting.
  • We’d make sure each small batch (6# at a time) is roasted to perfection.
  • And we’d make sure we were consistent in our ability to produce the best damn coffee around.

It’s been almost four years and we are still charging ahead in our mission to make coffee valiant. Coffee goes out fresh every week, folks are happy, cups are full, and we all start our days a little more caffeinated than when we awoke. All that and a supremely excellent coffee to boot.

So join us in our mission to be Valiant, be bold, and live with excellence. Grab a bag, and #drinkvaliant friends.

Farley’s East Nonprofit of the Month: Team INC.

Too frequently, well-meaning adults counsel young sports enthusiasts to “get realistic” and come to terms with the idea that they will not likely be able to pursue a professional sports career. TEAM Inc. seeks to challenge that narrative, encouraging young people–particularly underrepresented youth–to build on the strengths they already possess to access exciting sports technology opportunities available to them today.

TEAM was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating tomorrow’s diverse technology workforce by engaging young learners with STEM subjects through sports and creating social change by providing access, opportunity and mentorship in the tech industry. Team represents much more than technical training or connections to tech; we are community; a family; an empowerment platform to build skills, confidence, leadership, network and create.


Farley’s East Artist of the Month: Matthew Olivar

Inspired, motivated and humbled to capture our beautiful world through photography.

Work philosophy: Pure, true to the eye, high definition images with no graphic altering. Making realistic and impressionistic photographs with a focused passion on nature, travel, music and adventure.

Products: All orders are custom and printed on top quality photographic materials in high resolution. Every piece ordered is reviewed before shipment by the photographer (me). Please email me direct: mattolivar@icloud.com to order (photograph, size(s), canvas, metal, acrylic, prints, etc.)


Farley’s SF Artist of the Month: Kim Pabilonia

Saturday, January 12: Art opening 6:30-8:30 pm.

Kim Pabilonia is a Potrero Hill Artist who has been living on the hill with her family for 18 years right around the corner from Farley’s. Kim has shown her acrylic paintings and figurative work several times over the years at Farley’s and at Collage Gallery on 18th Street. Kim uses acrylic paint because she likes to paint quickly and most of the paintings shown here are done in 20 minutes or less. This latest collection of Kim’s work are a series of 18×24” acrylic portrait studies done from imagination to practice for Art Battle, a live painting competition. This was a challenge for Kim because she typically paints from life not from her mind. To contrast, she’ll also be showing small acrylic paintings done quickly from live models.

Website: kimpabilonia.com
Instagram: KLPart
Email: kimpabilonia@me.com


Farley’s SF Window Boxes: Susan Hillyard Macro Images

This selection of macro photos, taken by Susan Hillyard, was taken for the 50-50 exhibit at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica. Fifty photos in fifty days.

See if you can figure out what each one is. Good luck!


Farley’s Events

Farley’s East

Tuesday, January 1: We’ll be open weekend hours so we can get an extra hour of sleep also. See you at 8 am for your coffee and eggs hangover cure.

Thursday, January 10: Urbantasm reception and book signing, 6:30-8 pm.

Join us for Oakland Restaurant Week, January 11-20! 
For only $18, you get the following:
– select any sandwich or salad
– cup of soup
– chocolate chip sea salt cookie
– house beverage

Farley’s East is looking for nonprofits and artists to display in the window boxes and the walls. If you’re interested, please email jillian@farleyscoffee.com.

Farley’s SF

Tuesday, January 1: We’ll be open weekend hours so we can get an extra hour of sleep also. See you at 7:30 am for your coffee hangover cure.

Friday, January 4: Stand up comedy with MC Sergio Novoa, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Wednesday, January 9: Live music by Daniel Berkman, who is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa), 7:30-9:00 pm.

Thursday, January 10: Live music by Kevin Patrick McGee, performing originals and select covers from the 1960’s to the present, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Saturday, January 12: Art opening for local artist Kim Pabilonia, 6:30-8:30 pm.

Tuesday, January 15: Live music by folk-fusion band Colorblind Dilemma, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Thursday, January 17: We will be closed all day for a film shoot.

Thursday, January 24: Live music by Ben Barnes, a fiddle player, singer and songwriter, 7:30-9:00 pm!

Friday, January 25: Cafe Radio, 5-7:00 pm.

Saturday, January 26: Live music by Marc Maynon and CD Onofrio, performing folk music, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Wednesday, January 30: Live music by the ever-popular Soul Delights. Join us for a lively performance, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Farley’s SF is looking for nonprofits and artists to display in the window boxes. If you’re interested, please email darby@farleyscoffee.com.