November News

Pet Parade!

Thanks to all the thousands of people that made it out to the Pet Parade on Oct 27th! It was the largest yet and in case you missed it, you can view it via SFGate’s Facebook Live video and check out our album of photos on our Facebook page. People are still talking about the iguana! For all those that missed it, we’ll certainly do it again next year but before that, we’ll have Farley’s 30th Anniversary Party on Sunday, March 17 — all day long! Mark your calendar for what promises to be a day of community, food, music and good times!

Not to be forgotten, Farley’s East in Oakland will be celebrating 10 years in June and we’ll throw a bash there as well!

Cafe News

Hey Farley’s Fans! Is it fall yet? It’s still feels like summer. Either way, we’re still excited for the season. The hot apple cider is flowing. The soup is abundant! What are you favorite soups? We serve our delicious house made soups at both our SF and Oakland Cafe. Chile Corn Chowder, and Ethiopian Red Lentil are a top contender in our books! Did you know we have both, hearty meaty soups, as well as bountiful vegan soups? We like to please everyone in the community.

What else happens in November… that’s right, it’s VOTING SEASON! Get out there and make your voices heard! Voting takes place November 6th! Don’t know where to vote? Check out this page


Farley’s East Featured Roaster: Insight Coffee Roasters

Insight Coffee Roasters was established in Sacramento, California in 2011 around a common love — coffee. Whether served by a professional or at home, the experience should be enjoyable, delicious, healthy and often meaningful.

Excellent coffee takes quality farming, proper roasting, and good brew techniques to excite the palate. We recognize that a lot of bad bitter coffee experiences have led consumers to reach for the additives to make it palatable. Our mission is to teach people that coffee can be fantastic on it’s own and sugar, creamer, and syrups are not needed for a delicious cup.

We do so, by highlighting and sharing the great care and precision required every step along the way to create exceptional coffee. From the farms where we SOURCE quality seeds to the ROAST techniques we use to accentuate inherent flavors to how we BREW to highlight the coffee’s unique attributes. Each stage is essential to an incredible cup.

Farley’s East Nonprofit of the Month: Upward Roots

Nonprofit Happy Hour: November 8, 8-11 am

Their mission is to empower youth to be leaders and changemakers through youth-led, youth-driven community service. This year, they will partner with 19 Oakland public elementary and middle schools from Deep East to West Oakland and will empower 400 young people to design and lead over 30 community service projects.

They believe that every young person has the capacity and deserves the opportunity to create positive change in their communities. In their programs, community service is a youth-led, experiential learning process, where youth identify needs that they are passionate about and design service solutions to address those needs.

Through collaboratively designing and leading community service solutions, UR is activating changemakers, who empathize with others, experience the positive impacts of their actions, and believe that they are effective leaders. These changemakers will transform their communities as leaders of today and tomorrow.

Farley’s East Artist of the Month: Megan Weirich

Artist Statement: “Art is way to channel your deepest desires, emotions, and higher self. Through subconscious visions, we are able to tap into our life’s purpose. I seek to investigate spirituality, archetype imagery, and unity of our innate human nature and experience through art.”

My interest in art started at a young age. The older I got, the more I realized that art was my way to silently express myself, whether through words or in drawings. I decided to pursue my passion, and follow my grandmother’s footsteps. I am a trained artist. I studied at Allan Hancock Community College in Santa Maria, California, and transferred to University of California, Berkeley to finish my B.A. in studio art. I arrived at the University with little concept other than to create art as it flows from myself and my thoughts. I discovered a passion for the state of the environment during the time I spent in the Bay area’s urban setting,  and have made a conscious decision to investigate pollution, litter, and waste in my artwork. At one point I  strayed away from the canvas, and began building my own surfaces to exist in the world, as artifacts that reveal a moment in history and anthropology. The imagery I create addresses the ecosystem, industrialism, and metaphysics. I hope to meditate on these ideas and eventually create an interdisciplinary practice that blends art, education, and spiritual practice whether it is through research, exhibitions, performance, collaboration,  group activities, or community service., Instagram: @allredy_lucky_ | #meganallredweirichart

Notes on Artwork: “Mt. Tam Spirit Realm” The sleeping lady is an iconic piece of the landscape. This painting was inspired by a young dancer from San Jose who died of cancer.

Farley’s SF Artist of the Month: June Li

Art Opening: Tuesday, November 6 from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Never Miss A Sunset

Each of my paintings points to an experience, tells a story and expresses its own life. I hope one of them will inspire you.

June Li paints as she lives, with an intention to show that life is about realizing possibilities. Trained in Visual Art at South China Normal University and in Studio Art at Sonoma State University, her paintings reflect the unique cross-cultural journey she has taken from China to San Francisco.

June’s work is a dynamic encounter with nature, perception and the many challenges that lead us towards a place of insight and learning.  She currently moved to Fairfax painting and teaching expressive art.  Her more recent work explores meditative states and healing arts.

June’s paintings are on display at a range of public and private collections in the Bay Area. Her recent commissions include works for the new San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium art collection and a large sculptural heart installation for “Hearts for Heroes” at San Francisco General Hospital. She is currently available for commissioned projects, art classes and exhibitions. For more information please contact her at

Check out her work at: and

Farley’s SF Window Boxes: Pet Parade Photos

We’ll have a few of our favorite pet parade photos displayed in the window boxes all month. Check them out there or online here.

Farley’s Events

Farley’s East

Thursday, November 8: Nonprofit Happy Hour for Upward Roots, 8 – 11 am.

Thursday, November 22: Open Limited Hours for Thanksgiving.

Farley’s East is looking for nonprofits and artists to display in the window boxes and the walls. If you’re interested, please

Farley’s SF

Friday, November 2: Live music by Saint Benjamin, Saint Benjamin draws from his influences, Ed Sheeran and Rex Orange County, to create an indie pop/singer songwriter sound all of his own, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Tuesday, November 6: Art opening for June Li, 6:00-8:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 7: Potrero Hill Book Club, reading Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders,7:00-9:00 pm.

Thursday, November 8: Live music by Shelter Cove, performing originals and select covers from the 1960’s to the present, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Friday, November 9: Stand up comedy with MC Sergio Novoa, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Thursday, November 15: Live music by James Lawless, who has been playing different kinds of folk music for about 10 years, with much of his influences come from Old Time or Mountain Style, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Friday, November 16: Live music with Jeremy Serwer, a singer songwriter playing Americana, Blues, Jazz, Indie and rock.

Saturday, November 17: Live music by Marc Maynon and CD Onofrio, performing folk music, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Thursday, November 22: Open Limited Hours for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 27: Live music by Jonathan Brinkley, a singer/songwriter from Portland, OR. Jonathan sings powerful, heart-provoking tunes that aim at making our world more honest, more connected, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 28: Live music by the ever-popular Soul Delights. Join us for a lively performance, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Farley’s SF is looking for nonprofits and artists to display in the window boxes. If you’re interested, please email