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Come Celebrate!

Please join us on St. Patricks Day for Farley's San Francisco's 28th Anniversary Celebration
and St. Patricks Day celebration! Bagpipes and live Irish music 9-Noon.
Irish stew and soda bread until it sells out!

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In the News

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Farley's In the news

Farley's East Expanding To Mark Its Eighth Anniversary In Uptown"
More Info: hoodline.com

Coffee Corner

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Greetings coffee lovers!

Dearest fellow coffee lovers:

We've had a solid winter of rainy day vibes, which hopefully you've gotten the chance to fill with all kinds of comfy indoor activities; blankets, fires, books, friends, lovers, family, movies, music, conversation, and of course, delicious warm beverages.

Our last couple coffees have been Central Americans that fit in with our wintery season: Our current coffee, Colombia Huila Los Pinos, is super chocolaty, nutty, with low acidity and pleasant, mellow fruitiness. A rich, mellow cup perfect for rainy days. Soon, we'll be moving on to some new stuff that can usher in the spring season!

We've got another couple weeks on the Colombia, then we'll be switching to a coffee from the Norandino cooperative in the northwest of Peru. Norandino is a huge collection of coffee growers from several regions, which helps producers receive training and technical assistance in land management, irrigation, organic farming, productivity and quality control, and reforestation programs. The coffee we're receiving from them is fair trade and organic, and will have some slightly more uplifting flavor notes: Honey, stonefruit, some floral qualities.

We're also getting in some coffee from Ethiopia, from the Yirgacheffe region: Gedeb Chelchele. This is a beautiful, floral, complex coffee that I'm going to be experimenting with as a possibility for a coffee blend. I'll roast up a few batches to try out as a drip offering and see where things take us from there!

Here's to a bountiful spring, full of new beginnings and delicious coffee!


Artist of the Month


Artist: Christopher Parschalk

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I'm fascinated by the relationship between emotion, action, and portrayal. What intrigues me most is the relationship between embodiment and situation. The collection of work I've included in this exhibition attempts to illustrate this fascination in scenes and portraits that are autobiographical in origin. My goal has been to produce images that contain: strong narratives, strong compositions, lines and textures that serve multiple purposes, and realistic depictions of the emotional energy of the scenes shown. With simplistic flat
watercoloring and linework of questionable sophistication I am looking to remove the skill of the artist as somehow being an important factor in the meaning and success of the work. I wish to remove myself from the work and allow the emotional content of the images to be the main generator of their illustrated appearance. I allow a good deal of chaos and spontaneity to enter these drawings. Of course, the stylization is playing with the pure and spontaneous linework characteristic of children's art. I wish for meaning to be extracted from these works similarly to how it might be extracted from viewing a child's scribble. These pieces are drawn largely from a perspective of self-amusement and are a way for me to process my life in the Bay Area.

I feel that human emotion can render physical features inconsequential. Passionate displays of emotion can be quite jarring for me. I sometimes see them as too clear a window to the true self of a person. The problem for me is that, when someone puts their true self on display like that it throws the rest of their being into question. I struggle with weaving together what I see as two separate selves: a self that is a physical tangible form with set dimensions and limitations and a self that is the manifestation of the erupting emotions. What I see is that the (arguably) more sincere and more real emotional self can so drastically contort and transform the features of the tangible self as to almost create an entity that is in active competition with itself. This is in essence how I have come to illustrate the “dualistic” characters in my scenes. I provide both slow controlled illustration in their life-like features, and chaotic rapid linework in their more gestural abstracted features. I've allowed it to become a stylization. I feel it adapts well to figures that do not seem to be emoting much, allowing the viewer to ruminate more intimately on the emotional energy of the characters and/or the situation they are in. My main intent is to accurately represent and communicate the energy inherent in the event.

In selecting scenes to depict these relationships I find that I have amassed what could be considered a faithful caricature of my time living in the Bay Area. The illustrations presented in this collection are comprised mostly of actual situations and characters from my life. Yet, similar to the figures they contain, the memories and scenes themselves are perhaps just as contorted. I like to think that these images are ultimately optimistic in nature.

More Info: chalkart.us


Artist: Frank Revi


Frank Revi photographs things as he finds them, and conveys his original perception. He takes pictures of an unrestricted range of subject matter without worrying too much about formal consistency, Style, or creating a Body of Work. Yet there are recognizable themes in the work; there’s a direct connection between the image and the mind with no layer of talk in between. He's been photographing since his hands were big enough to hold an instamatic. In Fall of 2016, his photos were in a juried show called “With Our Own Eyes” at Rayko Photo Center.

He makes archival prints on Epson professional equipment and Hahnemuhle paper.

Windowbox Art


SF_non profit2017March.jpg

Larkin Street Youth Services is an internationally recognized leader in providing effective housing, education, employment and health services to at-risk, homeless and runaway youth. Larkin Street reaches ages 12 to 24 across San Francisco. Since 1984, Larkin Street has served over 75,000 homeless and at-risk youth.

Three out of four youth who complete the full range of Larkin Street programs successfully exit street life. Larkin Street is at the forefront, working at the local, state and federal levels to create the circumstances necessary to make instances of youth homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring. For every dollar invested in homeless youth, society sees $8 in social benefits or saved costs.

Learn more at larkinstreetyouth.org

Non Profit


Men Creating Peace (MCP) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate the transformation in society from a culture of domination and violence to one of collaboration and equality. For 10 years, Men Creating Peace has worked to achieve its mission by assisting teens and men, ages 16 and older, to restore peaceful connections with themselves, their intimate partners, their families and their communities.

Through accountability, advocacy, development of healthy communication and active listening skills, we empower men to stop their violent and aggressive behaviors.

For More Information: mencreatingpeace.org



Wednesday, March 8: Live Music by local Potrero Hill resident Daniel Berkman. Berkman is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa), 7:30-9:00 PM!

Friday, March 17: Farley's 28th Anniversary Celebration and St. Patricks Day! Bagpipes and live Irish music 9-Noon. Irish stew and soda bread until it sells out!

Wednesday, March 22: Live Music by the ever-popular Soul Delights. Join us for a lively performance, 7:30-9:00 PM!

Thursday, March 30: Live Music by John Lewis, Gary Schoofs and Tim Hazen, who do covers of Beatles, Eagles, Everly Bros, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, 7:30-9:00 PM!


Friday, March 3: Art Reception 6-8PM

Thursday, March 9: Non-profit happy hour 5-9PM

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