June News

This is a big year for Farley’s! We’ve just barely gotten over the excitement and fun of Farley’s SF’s 30th anniversary, and now it’s time to celebrate Farley’s East’s 10th anniversary! Save the date for Tuesday, June 18th to help us celebrate 10 years in Uptown Oakland! We’ll have special guests, a special food and drink menu, and an art show celebrating many of the artists who have joined us over the years. Our friends at Shut-Up & Write will read from their selections and we’ll have the stylings of DJs Katiecrimson & Yero all day out on the parklet. We can’t wait to see you and hope you join in the fun.

You can already purchase our commemorative 10th anniversary shirt featuring a return of the Farley’s people!


Farley’s East Artists of the Month: Everyone!

In honor of Farley’s East’s 10th Anniversary we’ve gathered a collection of artists who have shared their work with us over the past many years. We’re excited to bring many of them back to Farley’s East to share something new and how their work has progressed over the years.


Farley’s East Nonprofit of the Month: The East Oakland Collective

Together let’s “Feed the Hood”! In honor of Farley’s East’s 10th Anniversary we’d like to raise $5,000 to Feed the Hood with The East Oakland Collective. Click here to make a donation and in the notes section mention you’re doing so in honor of Farley’s East.

The East Oakland Collective (EOC) is a member-based community organizing group of millennials+ invested in serving the communities of deep East Oakland by working towards racial and economic equity. With programming in civic engagement and leadership, economic empowerment and homeless services and solutions, we help amplify underserved communities from the ground up.

  • Since September 2017, EOC’s Feed the Hood Program has served the immediate needs of over 4,500 unhoused persons across Oakland who are living in curbside communities, unsheltered or experiencing housing insecurity by providing over 25,000 bag lunches and hygiene kits. Feed the Hood has provided large scale opportunities to give back to Oakland’s unhoused brothers and sisters for over 2,000 volunteers.
  • EOC’s East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle is the first lending circle program in Deep East Oakland.
  • With the Oakland Bike Plan Update, EOC is one of the first community-based organizations in Oakland to partner with the City of Oakland for community engagement on the onset of a neighborhood planning process.

Website: ​www.eastoaklandcollective.com
Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/eoakcollective
Twitter: ​twitter.com/eoakcollective 
Instagram: ​instagram.com/eastoaklandcollective

Farley’s East Featured Roaster: Farley’s!

Yes, we are our own featured roaster this month and will highlight some of our custom blends and single origins. Farley’s has been roasting in-house for three years now and more recently expanded our offering. From the return of Potrero Nuevo in honor of SF’s 30th anniversary, to the special Uptown Blend, as well as Green Dragon and Zen Blend, we have many varieties to choose from. Stay tuned for more info on ordering beans online and our coffee subscription offering.

Farley’s SF Artist of the Month: Wanda Whitaker

Golden State of Mind Art Exhibit

In this art exhibit entitled, Golden State of Mind, I use acrylic paint utilizing the color gold with some texture in certain images to create richness and a sense of depth. We are in the times of the Great Awakening in which mindfulness, yoga and meditation are mental processes adopted by many to keep a feeling of peace and harmony in a chaotic world. The name Buddha means the Enlightened One, thus, the hypnotic Buddha images representing African and Asian influences are meant to take you into your own inner sanctuary.

California is known as the Golden State, where the golden bear resides and the golden eagle flies. Within its caves, however, a hidden truth has been uncovered. The painted image of the black Queen Kalifia, a pagan Moor ruler of the land who California is said to be named after can be found on stone cave walls. In the past, this historic story has been called a myth, but archeologists have found proof of Africans in California thousands and thousands of years before Columbus. In this collection, I portray Queen Califia with the golden bear and the golden eagle and one of the images of her discovered in a cave imprinted on the golden ornament at her forehead.

From the Golden State Warriors to the golden Buddha, the Golden State of Mind Exhibit is meant to keep you informed and awakened to your highest mental potential.

Farley’s SF Window Boxes: Hunter Ridenour

Hunter the Gatherer
A few feet, sights and sounds
Thanks for enjoying, prints available upon request.
Contact at:
@hunter_the_ _gatherer

Farley’s Events

Farley’s East

June 17: June LGBTQ Prisoner Letterwriting & Mail Processing, 6:00-8:00 pm

June 18: Farley’s East 10th Anniversary!

Farley’s East is looking for nonprofits and artists to display in the window boxes and the walls. If you’re interested, please email bianca@farleyscoffee.com.

Farley’s SF

Friday, June 7: Stand up comedy with MC Sergio Novoa, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Sunday, June 9: Art opening for local artist Wanda Whitaker, 5:00-7:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 11: Live music by GT2+1, playing music of the 20th Century- Beatles, Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel, Clapton, Dylan, Van Morrison- a juicy assortment of tunes, featuring the song stylings of Ms Alyssa Cox, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Wednesday, June 12: Live Music by local Potrero Hill resident Daniel Berkman. Berkman is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa), 7:30-9:00 pm

Thursday, June 13: Live music by James Everett, an R&B, Jazz and pop singer and performer, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Wednesday, June 26: Live music by the ever-popular Soul Delights. Join us for a lively performance, 7:30-9:00 pm.

Farley’s SF is looking for nonprofits and artists to display in the window boxes. If you’re interested, please email darby@farleyscoffee.com.