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February Newsletter


Both Farley's locations will be joining with Sprudge and over 500 cafes this weekend in a nationwide fundraiser benefitting the ACLU, Friday, February 3rd until Sunday, February 5th. The world is watching us. Stand up and help us raise funds. Farley's will match all donations made at our two cafes.


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In the News

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There is certainly a lot going on in the news these days. There's even been some articles about and including Farley's. Check it out!

San Francisco Chronicle Opinion Forum: In Oakland, a tale of 2 marches SF Eater: 27 of San Francisco's Essential Coffee Shops CIO: Café owners putting the smackdown on Wi-Fi freeloaders

Coffee Corner

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Greetings coffee lovers!

Right now, we're roasting our Farley's house coffee from the Huila region of Colombia, from family-owned farms in the community of Los Pinos. We've been brewing it for our drip for a few weeks now, and just tried it out on the espresso machine and it tastes great as an espresso shot! As a cup of drip, the Colombia Huila is smooth and medium bodied, with deep chocolate as well as a clear sweetness and bright fruity aroma. When pulled as an espresso shot, it is heavier bodied with juicy fruit sweetness, dark chocolate and a slight walnut-y bite at the end. It's been fun trying out my roast as an espresso, and gives me a lot to play around with to keep making our espresso drinks more flavorful. Plenty more coffee adventures to come!

Cheers, Daniel

Artist of the Month


Artist: Louis Libert


I have been an artist and musician for 30 years. I studied visual art and photography at Hampshire College and also attended the Multimedia Studies Program at San Francisco State University. My primary visual medium is collage. I integrate found images and text with my own drawings, photographs, and poetry. Many of my pieces revolve around a
specific quote, sourced from either my own writing or another’s. What intrigues me is the dialogue created between the paired quote and the images.

The Dadaists influenced how I approach creating my art, writing, and music; the unexpected relationship between seemingly disparate elements fascinates me. For me, the creative process is instinctive and the meaning of each piece may not be apparent until after its completion. My open-ended art leaves space for viewers to have their own dialogue with the pieces. The cut-up techniques of William S. Burroughs further influenced my creative process. I love his idea that you can take a piece of writing, cut it up in random ways, and stitch it back together to generate new and unexpected relationships. I’ve used this technique for collages, poetry, and song lyrics.

The School Photo Series represents my most recent work. Its genesis stems from a group of 16 school photos I found about 25 years ago. The photos date back to the late 80’s, and the stickers that came with the photos say “Class of ‘89,” which makes the woman in the photo my contemporary. Recently, I decided these photos would be perfect for a series of 16. I also decided there would be three limitations to the series: each piece would have to incorporate one of the school photos, include quotes from my writing, and all be postcard-sized. The challenge and joy of this series has been to innovate with each piece while retaining cohesion within the whole series. I ruminated on what it means to be middle-aged looking back at my younger teenaged self. I found that the image of this teenage girl from the 80’s was the ideal blank slate to invoke this nostalgia for my youth. In addition to quotes from my writing, I’ve also incorporated my drawings, and in the sixteenth piece, I integrated elements from a sketch for my next project. In this way, I hope to bridge this project and the next one.


Artist: Deborah Howard-Page


Fine art drawing, painting, encaustic, mixed media

I was born in Los Angeles, California, where my father -- who later taught in a Waldorf school -- had been an actor. (He and my mother met in New York, while performing together in a musical.) With encouragement from my fifth-grade teacher, I began to think of myself as an artist. Being in a family of artists probably helped.

My mother began to teach classical ballet when I was fifteen. So my sister and I studied with her, gradually assisting and learning to teach, with one of our brothers often accompanying on piano. While I held various other jobs over the years, I taught and performed until injuries and my supportive spouse led me to reconsider making art full time. We moved to San Francisco so that I could complete my B.F.A. in painting at San Francisco Art Institute. I began participating in ArtSpan's San Francisco Open Studios in 1997.

This series of mixed media artworks features Cupid, or Eros, among other things related to the ups and downs of experiencing romance and unrequited love. I made them using oil on canvas, charcoal on paper, and/or carious mixed media, starting in 1993. (Reproductions are of original artworks which have been sold.)

More Info: www.dhp-art.com

Windowbox Art



Ted Nichols is a Potrero Hill artist who at an early age decided to never grow up. Now he's a young boy with old man talents. He uses these grown up skills to create three dimensional whimsy. He uses found objects that capture your eye and he hopes will put a smile on your face. Come by Farley's in Feb. and check him out.

Non Profit

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Who We are and What We Do
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) is a nonprofit community development organization celebrating 41 years of building healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods in Oakland and the greater East Bay. We develop and manage high quality affordable apartments, retail spaces for local small businesses and community facilities, while fostering increased economic opportunities for low-income families and individuals. These comprehensive programs help families and individuals begin a path toward financially security and access the resources they need to lead healthy, stable and fulfilling lives. Since 1975, we have invested more than $200 million in assets that have had substantial physical and social impact in the community, including over 2,000 homes and more than 300,000 square feet of economic development and community space that bring street-level vitality and critical services to our neighborhoods. Our Neighborhood and Economic Development programs serve 4,000 low-income people annually, through resident services at our buildings, financial education and counseling, youth and senior programming, and free tax preparation and assistance.

More Info: ebaldc.org



Wednesday, February 8: Live Music by local Potrero Hill resident Daniel Berkman. Berkman is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa), 7:30-9:00 PM!

Saturday, February 11: Art opening for Deborah Howard-Page and Sonja Lindstrom featuring Cupid art, 7:00-9:00 PM!

Saturday, February 25: Live music by Eli and the Approach, an acoustic band from Potrero Hill, featuring lead singer Eli Becker, Dave Gabine on percussion and Chris Martin on guitar.The Approach performs classic songs from the 70's and 80's mixed with current hip hop and alternative songs, 7:30-9:00 PM!


Friday, February 3: Art Reception 6-8PM

Thursday, February 16: Non-profit happy hour 6-9PM

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