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Mark your calendar now for Farley’s 15th Annual Pet Fest!

Saturday, October 29th at 1pm



October Events

October is a busy month with lots of music and Halloween events for your enjoyment.


October 2nd - Sunday: “Voice Studio” showcase: Vocalist/performers who have studied with Katie Guthorn & Kathy Kennedy - accompanied by Joshua Raoul Brody, 2-5pm.


October 7th - Friday: The Stephon Alexander Quartet returns once again with the cool jazz sounds of Miles and Trane, 7:30pm.


October 8th - Saturday: “Presidents Breakfast” performs electro-jazz-funk-dub tunes on a sunny Saturday afternoon, 3pm.


October 14th - Friday: Artist of the month reception: “Land Slide Paraphernalia”
by Colter Jacobson, Charlie Callahan, David Benzler and Tomoko Otsuka.


Bringing together a variety of images from diverse experiences, these kids explore the possibilities of working collaboratively, 7pm.


October 22nd - Saturday: “Darktet” performs modern jazz sounds featuring: Click Dark, Camryn Mombasser, Will Juhn, Sejin Kim & Eric Marshall, 3pm.


October 29th - Saturday: Farley’s 15th Annual Pet Fest. Dress your pets in costume and meet at 18th St. & Arkansas for the parade up 18th Street. Waiting around the corner on Texas St. will be live music by Signal, a young Marin County band. Any pet can enter & trophies will be awarded by our three expert judges. No entry forms or rules necessary! 



October 30th - Sunday: Call for entries for the Farley’s Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Carve, paint, decorate your pumpkins at home & bring them to Farley’s before 10pm. In the dark of night, prizes will be awarded. Contest open to all ages, no rules, and no entry forms.


October 31st - Monday: The Potrero Hill Parents Association sponsors an evening of “trick or treat”. Come see hundreds of kids in their Halloween best and help give out treats, 6pm.



Artist of the Month

“Land Slide Paraphernalia”
Colter Jacobson, Charlie Callahan, David Benzler, Tomoko Otsuk


Bringing together a variety of images from diverse experiences, these kids explore the possibilities of working collaboratively. Working mostly with paint, markers, and tape, the group seeks to find a balance between surfing and scotch tape, Chicana haircuts, and found design.  On display will be several works that have been traded around over the past few weeks between the different artists’ to see “what happens.” Also on display will be a variety of individual works that will show the varied degrees of styles these four artists are drawing from.

Reception: Friday, October 14, 7PM

Window Display of the Month

“Moped Madness”


The Creatures of the Loin are liberators of the forgotten moped, swarming frequently and encouraging havoc among and emptiness inside the souls of the cagers/gas-guzzlers who try to kill them every day. One summer morning five of them decided to leave the majestic scenery of the Tenderloin district for the less breathtaking coastal lands north of the City on a 49.5 cubic-centimeter motto-journey to Seattle. Their starting point was an abandoned mental institution, and their brethren from across the country would await them on the other side, 1000 miles north. Come bear witness to the wake of photographs, spray paint, knives, ill-advised chaps, and small-displacement motor destruction overcome by improvised technologies. MOPED ARMY – SWARM AND DESTROY





Exciting Staff News! Sharone had a baby girl. Born to Sharone and Rob on August 5th, was Linnea and cute as can be!


Gail’s Coffee & Tea Corner

New Teas: We have recently added three new teas from Imperial Tea Court. Try them out:


1. Superior White Peony is a white tea with a mild, satisfying flavor. White teas are neither fermented nor rolled, and they contain the highest levels of antioxidants – even more than green tea!


2. Yunnan Pu-erh is renowned for its healing properties. Pu-erh teas are buried underground in order to ferment, often in beautiful compressed blocks. Our Yunnan Pu-erh is distinctly earthily yummy.


3. Gen Mai Cha (Rice Flower Green Tea) is a Japanese green tea with the warm, nutty flavor of toasted rice.


Bean Ball

Like the Giants, the Bean Ball season is over. Hope you had fun playing Bean Ball and congratulations to those that won Giants tickets.


New Farley’s Gear

Protect your Farley’s t-shirt while cooking, with the new Farley’s aprons now on sale (in store only). Pick one up while they last, only $25.