Farley’s SF

Farley’s SF is an institution of Potrero Hill and many consider it to be the original “third-wave” coffeehouse.   See more…

Farley’s East

Farley’s East was a catalyst to the thriving neighborhood of Uptown in Oakland.  See more…


The Eureka Moment

It all began in 1988 when Roger Hillyard broke the glass insert of his French press and couldn’t find a store that sold replacement parts. Roger scoured San Francisco for a space to open a coffee and tea paraphernalia store and settled on 1315 18th Street on Potrero Hill. He named his new shop after his grandfather Jack Farley who disappeared without a trace in 1921.

Community in a Cup

When the Loma Prieta earthquake hit in San Francisco in 1989, Potrero Hill was one of the few neighborhoods with power and water. People were home from work, wondering how to fill their days and Roger decided to open early (he was open 2pm-10pm in the beginning) to provide a place for the community to gather. From that moment on, Farley’s started opening at 6:30am and firmly established itself as more than a place for a cup of joe. It became a place for the neighborhood to gather and be in relationship, a place for Community in a Cup.

Farley’s Goes East

In 2008, Roger’s son Chris and his wife Amy decided they wanted to carry on the Farley’s tradition and bring Community in a Cup to Oakland. They settled in Uptown and opened in June of 2009.

Coffee / Tea

We serve the best quality coffee and tea because it’s the only way to treat our neighbors! Our baristas take great pride in welcoming you with a cup of that special something you crave – we want you to feel like you belong here.

Food and Catering

While Farley’s roots are in coffee, our food can stand alone and is what makes the Farley’s experience just that much more special. All of our food is made from scratch or sourced from local purveyors who share the same food values as we do: simple, sustainable, inspired and never pretentious.